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picture-7Vélsmiðjan Sveinn referred to as VS has professionalized itself since the very beginning in turning and milling. To make and repair machine parts they have 3 different turning machines, a milling machine, grinding machine and a CNC turning machine. A few years ago they decided to further enhance their service and now they offer a hardening process for items that require extra amount of strength. In the making of transaxles, gears, knifes and items that have to endure extreme tension VS can now harden the parts they are making. Due to limited resources and a difficult process VS does however not accepts already made parts from other workshops but they are more than willing to make and harden whatever part the customer needs.
Since VS has been growing through out the years the amount of customers has also increased.
Virgin combined its business with Vélsmiðjan Sveinn so the company wouldn’t still be run by only one man, Haraldur V. Haraldsson. Though he has been building the company for over twelve years and brought it to the high standard it is today. The idea of combining VS and Virgin was mainly to assure the continuing of quality service for the costumers. VS provides services for factorys, companys and individuals and always trys to provide a quick and expert service.
Along with making everything a customer needs VS does mechanical repairs to major machines in factorys when needed which usually means on location without any preparation. VS has so outspread customers that they don’t only provide service in Iceland but have also serviced for example Denmark, Føreyjar Islands and Greenland.


The hardening division is restricted.

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